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Steven Hampton, a Boulder Colorado author and inventor, has perfected the Dean Drive possibly making air and space travel super-efficient.


With Ma & Pa Kneer 1966

In the summer of 1963, 12-year-old Steven Hampton became foster child to a Midwestern diary farming couple Glen and Audrey Kneer. He fed, cleaned, and helped milk 40 cows twice daily while also going to school. At age 14, Steven acquired a set of U.S. Air Force electronic training manuals and began exploring the beckoning field of solid-state electronics. He built various transistor circuits by scalping radios and junkyard TVs.

With Ma & Pa Kneer 1966


At 15 he secretly dissected a padlock with his foster father’s bench grinder by removing the heads of the lock’s rivets. At 17, he was making his own lock picks. He was “popping” Master combination padlocks by freehand manipulation and could open a Russwin six-spooled pin tumbler bank door lock with a safety pin and small screwdriver.

Mowing hay at Uncle Virgil's farm 1967

Mowing hay for Uncle Virgil in 1967


US Naval Avionics Tech, Petty Officer 3rd Class 1970

At age 18 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and became an Aviation Electronics Technician. He returned to civilian life with an honorable discharge in early 1972 and then worked for a small telephone company as a switchman. While working there, he furthered his education with night school in the expanding field of digital electronics.

US Naval Avionics Tech, Petty Officer 3rd Class 1970


In late 1973 he worked as a lab technician for a computer drive company. There he performed electric motor armature tests with a rotary pendulum and used on-line "super-computers" of the early 70s to determine start-up transient factors. (Since then he has worked as a machinist, a robotics technician, a machine maintenance technician, a locksmith, television repairman and as an engineering technician where he helped design and build cutting-edge robotics equipment. He has been a published author with Paladin Press since 1987 and is also considered a master locksmith and security expert.)[14]

Steve with son Christopher 1973

Steve with son Christopher 1973


Summer of meditation at RMDC 1976

In late 1974 Steven fell intoxicated with comparative religion and studied Eastern and Western philosophy from a score of noted and respected teachers. He became a Rosicrucian then a Gnostic Christian. He then turned to Hinduism and practiced yoga, astro-projection and physic healing. He became a student of Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and a practicing Buddhist in 1976 and in 1977 moved to the monastic setting of Marpa House in Boulder Colorado for three years. He was a periodic staff member for four years at the Rocky Mountain Dharma Center (RMDC), an expansive Buddhist meditation retreat in the remote Colorado mountains (now called Shambhala Mountain Center).[15]

Summer of meditation at RMDC 1976


Starting in 1979 he practiced Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu and Chinese medicine for 3 years under grand master Dr. Lucjan Shila in Boulder. He spent two years studying jujitsu and wing chung under the late Sensei John Angelos. (It was because of a basic White Crane move and a conversation with Sensei Angelos that led Steven to the revelation and inspiration to build his first actual Dean drive in 1992.)

Collecting medicinal herbs in the Rocky Mountains 1986

Collecting medicinal herbs in the Rocky Mountains 1986


In 1980 Steven became interested in the Dean Drive. Since then, he has conceived fourteen inertial engines and hand-built 12 working prototypes for various applications, most of which are not Dean Drives. Four drives can displace a ballistic 4-line pendulum while running. Another is an electronic recoilless jackhammer drive, also a four-cycle engine to upscale thrust: a hybrid of all his previous drives. In 2006 he completed inertial engine E-8, a dependable inertial propulsion space drive that loses 70% its weight while running on a floor scale. He is currently building a commercially viable single-cycle satellite drive.

Steven M. Hampton


Delores E. Hampton
Personnel Director
Centrifugål Dynamics Co.


Inertial Engine E-5a Inertial Engine E-5b
Four Cycle Inertial Engine  -  Investment Opportunity

(Note: For patent protection, all subassembly positions depicted in these photographs are not proportionally correct.)




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Endnotes / Bibliography

[14] Steven has written a book on the physics of inertial propulsion. He has also published several books with Paladin Press on subjects ranging from lock-picking to patent law. For more info go directly to tab "Patent Secrets" on this site.
[15] Visit the beautiful and serene Shambhala Mountain Center www.shambhalamountain.org or call them at (303) 468-9640 for information on seminars and meditation retreats.


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